A $600 toll bill? How to avoid E-470 bill errors

DENVER (KDVR) — Millions of drivers depend on the E-470 Public Highway Authority tollway that covers 47 miles across the metro area.

E-470 handles more than 118 million toll transactions per year. Toll bill errors are not common, but some discrepancies can still occur. Drivers should be careful to track charges.

Sherri Buckalew told FOX31 she was shocked when she learned she was unable to renew her license plates in June because of an overdue toll bill on record with the Department of Motor Vehicles for $631.41.

“I thought they were trying to scam me,” she said.

Buckalew said toll bills, including those for trips she did not take, had been sent to an incorrect address since 2020.

“I never received them. I would have never known,” she said.

An investigation found the errors, and Buckalew paid the correct amount due: $86.14.

Vehicle driving past an ExpressToll scanner on E470 in Colorado
E-470 toll road (KDVR)

E-470 drivers can take steps to avoid billing issues

The Problem Solvers contacted E-470 to follow up on the case.

“You reached out to them and it prompted them to call me and make sure that everything was settled,” Buckalew said.

Update your address

The E-470 Highway Authority told FOX31 that drivers should keep their mailing and email addresses up-to-date on their ExpressToll account and with the DMV. The Highway Authority is required to provide customers with a monthly statement, so drivers should monitor all charges.

Search your license plate number

Those without an ExpressToll account can conduct a search for charges using their license plate number.

Keep in mind: If a transponder is not detected in a car lane, cameras will take a picture of the front and rear license plates and send them to the DMV, where the information is matched with the address on file.

Consider prepaying and a transponder

The Highway Authority said drivers with a prepaid ExpressToll account and transponders get the lowest toll rates and are least likely to see bill errors.

Anyone who discovers a discrepancy should contact the ExpressToll service center at 303-537-3470 or email

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