Russia Outlaws The Moscow Times as ‘Undesirable’ Organization – The Moscow Times

Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has labeled The Moscow Times as “undesirable.”

The designation bans anyone from working with or having links to the organization, with criminal prosecution for violations.

“The work of the outlet is aimed at discrediting the decisions of the leadership of the Russian Federation in both foreign and domestic policy,” the office said in a statement.

The office also accused The Moscow Times of “publications containing unreliable socially significant information aimed at discrediting the activities” of the government regarding the war in Ukraine.

The “undesirable” designation bans The Moscow Times’s work inside Russia, puts staff members at risk of jail time, and criminalizes engagement with the outlet, including sharing its content online.

Moscow introduced its “undesirable” list in 2015 to crack down on foreign NGOs and ban Russians from working with or donating to them.

Authorities have since used the law on “undesirable” organizations to target independent news outlets, human rights groups, environmental organizations and educational institutions.

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