Luis Ventura was taken aback live by a controversial comment from Karina Mazzocco about his ex-wife Estelita Muñoz – The USA Print Magazine

The media conflict that the journalist was involved in years ago, when he became a father again after an extramarital relationship, was undoubtedly a topic of conversation. And although time passed, the waters calmed down and each one rebuilt their lives, the scandal remained in people’s memories.

They say time heals everything. And surely in the case of Luis Ventura and Estelia Munoz they also managed to smooth things over. But since the case was closed and he continued with total secrecy, it was Karina Mazocco who took advantage of the presence of the former intruder in the apartment to revive the issue.

The truth is that the back and forth occurred when, in the open air, In the afternoon They were reviewing the case of Nicole Neumann and Fabian Cubero With all the legal dispute they are carrying out, the presenter of the América cycle drew a parallel and pointed to her partner, the president of APTRA.

“There are some relationships where you keep sending messagess”, Mazzocco slipped and lashed out: Ventura, do you send messages to your ex or not??” To which, without avoiding the question, Luis answered: “I send messages to my whole family.”


“What happens is that in this case we are talking about, it seems to me that everything is a farce. I would run to the lawyers and have them speak not for what the law requiresa”, advised the entertainment journalist from his experience after having been unfaithful to his wife with Fabiana Liuzzi.

Finally, and after appearing publicly with both the former Cordoba showgirl and her son Antonito Ventura, he said: “Obviously, there will never be a crisis or separation if there is no conflict, but at some point they have to think about their children, who do not want their mother or father to be in a bad situation.

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