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Newswise — Rolling Meadows, IL (July 1, 2024). The July issue of Neurosurgical Focus (Vol. 57, No. 1 []) presents 14 articles on concussion and return to play.

Topic Editors: Russell R. Lonser, Nicholas Theodore, Eanna Falvey, Odette A. Harris, David O. Okonkwo, and Scott L. Zuckerman

From the Topic Editors’ introduction: “This collection of articles delves into the complexities of concussion management within the realm of sports and daily life, a critical issue that intersects with neurosurgery, neuropsychology, and sports medicine … offering comprehensive insights into the nuances of the diagnosis, management, and decision-making processes surrounding when an athlete can safely return to play or routine daily activities.”

Contents of the July issue: 

  • “Introduction. Concussion and return to play” by Russell R. Lonser et al.
  • “History of biological, mechanistic, and clinical understanding of concussion” by Ryan G. Eaton and Russell R. Lonser
  • “Avenues for prevention using the epidemiology of sport-related concussion from a large high school surveillance study” by Abigail C. Bretzin et al.
  • “Pediatric sport and nonsport concussions presenting to emergency departments: injury circumstances, characteristics, and clinical management” by Vanessa C. Rausa et al.
  • “SCAT5 baseline values, test-retest reliability, and reliable change metrics in high school athletes” by Annabelle Shaffer et al.
  • “Assessing readability of online patient educational material on concussion and return to play” by Joanna M. Roy et al.
  • “Elucidating differences in concussion subtype symptomatology in sports-related versus non–sports-related concussions: a retrospective cohort study” by Maxon V. Knott et al.
  • “The association between continuing to play, clinical domains, and recovery outcomes in collegiate athletes following concussion” by Megan C. Loftin et al.
  • “Examining for gender differences in return to learn following sport-related concussion in high school student athletes” by Jacob Jo et al.
  • “Acute psychological symptom profiles in high school athletes following sport-related concussion” by Maryam Y. Jawid et al.
  • “Concussions in ice hockey: mixed methods study including assessment of concussions on games missed and cap hit among National Hockey League players, systematic review, and concussion protocol analysis” by Nathan A. Shlobin et al.
  • “Quantitative pupillometry as a biomarker for prediction of return to play in mild traumatic brain injury: a Military Traumatic Brain Injury Initiative study” by Bradley A. Dengler et al.
  • “Sport-related concussions in baseball and softball: do mechanisms of injury affect recovery?” by John E. Dugan et al.
  • “Motor vehicle collision characteristics and hospitalization outcomes associated with mild traumatic brain injury and concomitant whiplash injury” by Vikas N. Vattipally et al.
  • “The influence of prior COVID-19 diagnosis on concussion recovery outcomes” by Allie J. Tracey et al.

 Please join us in reading this month’s issue of Neurosurgical Focus.


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