E. Harris Co. neighbors first to help after storms now seeking support for themselves after Beryl

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — In the aftermath of Beryl, a community near the Northshore neighborhood in east Harris County looked like a war zone.

Dee Stephens and her family have lived on Dunvegan Street all their life. They are known for their neighborly ways, especially after a storm.

“Normally, we are the ones helping people, and so this is the first time it has actually hit close to home, and it is overwhelming,” Stephens said.

Stephens’ neighbors were working to chip away at the massive tree that fell on her house.

“As soon as we are done here, we are going to make our way around because other neighbors have damage,” Stephens said, still wanting to help.

On Donnacorey, the next street over, Beryl left one family’s home thoroughly gutted.

Their missing roof and insulation were found atop a neighbor’s garage just feet away.

“These people here probably have to rebuild their house from bottom up. For us, having a broken window, a little bit of roof (came) off, this house is gone,” Sergio Sanchez said.

Sanchez’s home was mostly spared, but his electricity was out with the rest of the neighborhood.

“Right now, we are on day one. Hopefully, we get it back soon,” Sanchez said.

CenterPoint Energy reported a peak outage of 2.2 million customers at the height of Beryl’s landfall.

“That’s a lot of people, and some that are maybe my age, and I am 85, and today is my birthday,” Betty Cole laughingly said.

“What a birthday present,” Eyewitness News reporter Alex Bozarjian responded.

Laughs and smiles aren’t uncommon to see in the storm’s aftermath.

Some told ABC13 they came from a place of gratitude and acceptance.

“Tomorrow’s a new day, and we will figure it out as we go along. We are here, and we are alive. We can get this back,” Stephens said.

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