Irvine Welsh: Britain heading in “fascistic direction” after election

IRVINE WELSH has slammed the “fascistic direction” he believes Britain is heading in following the results of yesterday’s general election. 

The Trainspotting author aired his thoughts this morning after the popular vote was dominated by the Conservatives and Reform UK combined, despite the overwhelming Labour victory. 

Scottish author Irvine Welsh giving a thumbs up
The author is no stranger to airing his political views on social media

The 65-year-old speculated that right-wing politics is only going to become more prominent following the results. 

Had the election been decided under the popular – or proportional – vote rather than the traditional first-past-the-post system, the Conservatives and Reform would have gained more seats between them than Labour. 

The outspoken Leith native has sparked debate amongst his followers, many of whom were equally vocal in their beliefs. 

He wrote on social media this morning, he wrote: “Interesting that for all the talk of a Labour landslide, Tory and Reform combined got more of the popular vote. 

“This, after Covid and Brexit. The right will realign and move further right.  

“That seems to be the fascistic direction Britain is headed in.” 

Welsh’s post has since received over 1,000 likes and over 80 comments from users keen to chip in with their own views. 

One wrote: “And now we have the bizarre situation that the far right are calling for a more democratic voting system.” 

A second said: “The whole Western world is heading there… if Farage does a deal to cross the floor to the Tories, we’re in a lot of trouble.” 

Another commented: “Farage will never get together with the Tories, so it’s more likely he’ll continue to play a vote-splitting role, purely for his own incredibly large ego.” 

Another said: “Exactly that. Fascinating and excruciating to witness.” 

Some users leapt straight to criticising Welsh’s view. 

One commented: “It’s unbelievable how consistently wrong you are about anything.” 

Another agreed: “Fascist is the left’s favourite word. Shame they don’t seem to know what it means.” 

A third said: “Further right than what? They may fall off the edge of the world.” 

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