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Calgary residents in the northeast community of Coventry are watching their backs and their heads after some “aggressive” hawks moved into the neighbourhood last month.

Osama Sofan lives next door to the tree housing the hawk’s nest. He said neighbours have spotted at least two or three hawks along with their offspring in the nest and people in the community are cautious — even fearful — every time they go outside.

“We look around and make sure it’s not nearby,” he told Global News. “Anybody moves and it (hawk) squeaks and dives on him or her.”

“Last time when he tried to attack me — I felt the air,” neighbour Nafees Javed concurred. “It was so strong.”

Hawks in Coventry.

Global Calgary

Local mail carrier Terry White can attest to that. He has also faced the hawk’s wrath and said he fears for everyone’s safety.

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“I had him swoop me on Friday,” he said. “I got in my van quick enough, but he’s a bad boy.

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“He’s not a very nice hawk.”

A number of people in the area have reported on social media that they were attacked, some suffering head and neck wounds. They said they’re concerned not only for themselves, but their pets and their children.

“I’m especially worried about kids and stuff,” Naved said.

“Every time he sees someone in the street, he gets crazy. He gets more aggressive day by day.”

Hawk attack injury.

Courtesy: Nafees Javed

Hawk attack injury.

Courtesy: Kayla Henkel

Many area residents have called on authorities to either move the nest or get rid of the hawks altogether.

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Jayna Pattison isn’t one of them, instead calling on residents to leave the birds alone.

“They’re protecting their young,” she said. “They’re doing what they’re supposed to do and then we get people who are interfering with that.”

Avoiding hawk attacks

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services told Global News it has not received any reports of hawks attacking people in Coventry Hills. However, officials said during this time of year, it’s common for hawks to dive-bomb as they protect their young in their nests.

“Many raptors, such as hawks, have an aggressive nest defence and will dive-bomb people or pets when they feel threatened or uncomfortable.”

Residents are advised to do a number of things if they encounter a raptor in the city:

  • Keep yourself, children, and pets at a respectful distance from raptor nests.
  • If fledgling young fall out of the nests, leave them alone. Raptors are protective parents and will dive-bomb to defend their young.
  • Do not allow very small dogs to play outside unsupervised, and keep cats indoors, especially at night.

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