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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – The 911 calls of frantic neighbors poured into the Fort Lauderdale Police Department after a man shot and killed his former stepfather on Saturday.

The calls, released Monday, depict 911 operators asking questions to the callers as they figure out what had happened in the upscale Fort Lauderdale neighborhood.

“Hello,” a 911 dispatcher said.

After a long stretch of silence, a man responds about a shooting that took place along the 100 block of Nurmi Drive, at around 10:50 a.m. on Saturday.

“There’s a man shot down on the ground,” said the man.

“OK, when did this happen?” said the dispatcher.

“Right now,” said the man.

“OK. How many shots were fired? Sir, I have the address. Who shot him and are they still there? Hello?” said the dispatcher.

In another call, the caller said it was unclear if the situation was OK.

“Is everyone OK?” said the dispatcher.

“I don’t know,” said the caller.

A third call is by a distressed person who urges the operator to send an ambulance.

“What happened?” said the operator.

“He got shot!” said the woman.

“Who shot who?” said the operator.

“Please just send an ambulance,” said the woman.

“I have a call in Ma’am. What happened there?” said the operator.

“He was shot,” said the woman.

“By who?” said the operator.

“Please please,” said the woman.

“Ma’am, tell me who shot him, give me a description,” said the operator.

According to police, 23-year-old Darien Massad Turner shot and killed his former stepfather, 44-year-old Christian Colon in the Fort Lauderdale mansion.

According to public records, the home is owned by the suspect’s mother, who divorced Colon late last year.

She told police, according to the arrest report, that she and Colon had been trying to work things out and he was back living at the home.

On Monday, in court, Turner was wearing a sling as a judge found probable cause on his charges.

“And I do find probable cause. Was there any argument regarding probable cause?” said the judge.

“No, your honor,” said a court official.

According to police, Turner dislocated his shoulder before they arrived. Detectives said he pushed past his mother to enter the home where Colon would end up shot and killed.

Turner also called 911, police said.

People in the area told 7News this is certainly not the norm in this neighborhood, which is lined with multimillion-dollar homes.

“This is not something that I’d ever expect. I wake up in the morning, come outside, and see a bunch of cops everywhere, it’s like mind-blowing,” said Raul Fernandez, who is visiting the area for the Fourth of July weekend.

Turner remains held at the Broward County Jail with no bond.

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