Guelph, Ont. wrestling fan’s WWE dream comes true after accessible seating mix-up

A wrestling fan from Guelph, Ont. says Saturday was a day he will never forget, after attending WWE’s Money in the Bank event.

Mike “O’dah ziibing” Ashkewe initially won tickets to the see the popular WWE show, from a Toys “R” Us contest, only to be told the next day that the venue, Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ont., couldn’t accommodate his wheelchair.

In a matter of days his emotions went from excited, to defeated, to ecstatic once again, when a surprise call came in, while CTV’s Spencer Turcotte was interviewing Ashkewe on Thursday.

WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, also known as the ‘American Nightmare,’ was on the line and let Ashkewe know he would be going to the show after all.

Mike “O’dah ziibing” Ashkewe on the way to his seats at Money in the Bank on July 6, 2024. (CTV News)Our cameras caught up with him before and during the show. To his surprise, he ended up getting the full red carpet treatment.

He was gifted a replica Money in the Bank wrestling belt and a signed Cody Rhodes action figure.

Mike “O’dah ziibing” Ashkewe holds up a signed Cody Rhodes action figure that he was gifted by WWE on July 6, 2024. (CTV News)

“This is utterly beyond description. You don’t get opportunities like this in life very often,” he said, while at the arena.

Before he went into the area, he felt like one of the stars, as he was recognized by other fans.

“You’re the guy right?” one fan asked.

“This has been unreal,” he replied.

Mike “O’dah ziibing” Ashkewe being recognized by other fans outside of the arena on July 6, 2024. (CTV News)

Even days later, Ashkewe told CTV News, the excitement hasn’t worn off yet. But he’s also happy he got an opportunity to advocate for accessibility issues so it won’t be a barrier for future fans.

“This was me trying to do some advocacy just to shine a light on. Here’s something that can be fixed with a little bit of forethought,” he said.

On Monday, he told CTV News he hopes the conversation around accessibility continues.

“The point is to make sure this conversation reads the resolution for everybody. Because this didn’t have to have a happy ending,” Ashkewe said.

Ashkewe said employees at his local Toys “R” Us even asked him how his weekend went and said they were sorry for what happened.

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