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Newswise — As many as 70% of smokers looking to quit say they enlist the help of e-cigarettes or vaping devices to kick the habit – according to a recent study. 

Because the devices allow you to control the strength of nicotine, quitters say they help with cravings and also mimic the experience of smoking.

But a new study, the first of its kind, shows former cigarette smokers who use e-cigarettes or vaping devices may be at higher risk for lung cancer than those who don’t vape. This, according to research published at the most recent American Thoracic Society (ATS) International Conference. 

The study, conducted in South Korea and just presented in the U.S., is the first large population based study to show the increased likelihood of disease and even death in e-cigarette users after quitting smoking, compared to former smokers who do not vape.

“We all know e-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to regular cigarette smoking and some have used vaping to help in their smoking cessation. But until now, little has been known about the long term effects of vaping. This may be the first real evidence that vaping may actually be linked with lung cancer,” said Geoffrey Pelz, MD, Thoracic Surgeon at Hackensack University Medical Center.

The new information comes to light just before “Love Your Lungs Week,” which takes place between June 21 and 27, to raise awareness about various lung conditions.

E-cigarettes operate by heating a liquid, often called e-liquid or vape juice, to generate vapor that users inhale.

This vaporization process typically involves heating nicotine-infused liquid with flavorings and other additives. Experts say the problem is that the vapor can also contain various harmful substances, including tobacco-derived compounds like acrolein and formaldehyde, as well as heavy metals.

“These substances can pose potential health risks when inhaled into the lungs, contributing to respiratory issues and other health concerns associated with vaping,” explains Dr. Pelz. 

For more information or an interview with a thoracic specialist with Hackensack Meridian Health, contact [email protected].

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