Family from Kansas City flies to SF to find son in Tenderloin

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Two worried parents have flown all the way from Kansas City to look for their son who became homeless in San Francisco. The mother and father of Dorrell King were looking for him in the Tenderloin neighborhood on Sunday.

For Crystal and Dorzell King, this family visit to San Francisco is life or death.

“We came all this way to let him know we miss him,” Crystal said.

Dorrell is 43 and last reported unhoused and addicted to drugs in San Francisco.

Crystal and Dorzell King flew from Kansas City to San Francisco to find their missing son who is reported to be homeless in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood (KRON4 Photo).

That’s why Crystal and Dorzell are hiking up and down the streets flying all the way in from Kansas City for this — doing what they can.

“As a father, it hurts, and it’s a very painful thing to know he has sunken to this level,” Dorzell said.

Crystal and Dorzell came all the way here from Kansas City to the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco — specifically between O’Farrell and Turk Streets where they say police told them most people hang out when.

“They want to use drugs… That’s why they put these posters here asking People to help them find their son.

A parent’s love takes them to one of the city’s most infamous neighborhoods. And a parent’s love has spread to the community.

Dorrell parents want him to know he can come back to Kansas and get clean.

Urban Alchemy a nonprofit working with the unhoused in the Tenderloin, says they’ll look for Dorrell.

Al Ibarra from Urban Alchemy says sometimes they work with unhoused folks for months and then stop hearing from them

“It’s very unfortunate you know? All these people, they come from families, and something in their life happened that made them homeless,” Ibarra said. “Sometimes it is bad news sometimes it is good news — but most of the time bad news.”

“His popos is here. I love you Dorrell. Your mom is here and were coming to get you,” Dorzell said.

But these parents aren’t giving up and plan to keep trying to bring Dorrell home.

“I’m still hopeful we’re going to find him,” Dorzell said.

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