Kynd Kits: An easy way to volunteer this summer

DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver nonprofit, Project Helping, has been helping people volunteer, with a focus on mental health, for years. The founder, Justin Kruger, said the idea is volunteering boosts mental health, while in turn benefiting the community.

“Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for people to volunteer because when you do good for other people, it’s good for your mental wellbeing,” Kruger said.

About seven years ago, he said things started changing. People wanted to volunteer, but couldn’t find the time while juggling everything else going on in their lives.

“So, we built the Kynd Kits as a way for people to order a volunteer project and have it delivered to their home or do it wherever and whenever they had time.”

Kynd Kits come in about 50 different varieties. Kruger said they have some for people experiencing homelessness in which they provide hygiene supplies and even solar charges for phones, as well as kits for children in the hospital that include activity books and toys, kits specifically for women, and even some for youth mental health.

A Kynd Kit for women's care to include hygiene supplies.
A Kynd Kit for women’s care includes various hygiene supplies and other necessities (KDVR).

“When you order a kit and get it delivered to you, you follow the instructions to build what’s in it,” Kruger said.

For example, the children’s hospital kit comes with activity books, stickers, a puzzle and more that you can customize and decorate before sending it back.

“Some of the kits can be self-distributed to those in need. So, for example, we have kits that support the unhoused population, those are pretty easy to self-distribute,” Kruger said.

Two different types of Kynd Kits on a shelf.
Project Helping provides more than 50 different types of kits to choose from (KDVR).

Since they started doing this seven years ago, Kruger said they have distributed almost 500,000 kits. This year so far, they have handed out 150,000.

“I am thrilled, however, to see the growth and the impact that they have made. I feel like there is still a long way for us to go and the people that we can help and the number of kits that we can distribute to those in need,” Kruger said.

Project Helping is continuing to add to the types of kits they build. His daughter, Hayden, is on the teen board for the nonprofit where they are looking to build a kit for teen’s mental health.

“Some big issues are like balancing like school and sports and like work and stuff like that. I think that’s a really big stressor,” she said.

At the end of the day, Kruger said the goal is to help people find ways they can give back while benefitting their own mental health.

“The Kynd Kits present a very flexible option to volunteer that can sort of meet anyone where they are,” he said.

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